As a user of Tenant File Cloud, you are entitled to our premier support. In the app, there is also access to videos and additional help in your program and online.

Migration from Tenant File Desktop – You MUST have Version 9 to migrate data

In order to move your data to the cloud version, you’ll need to send us a COPY of your main database (TFDATAFL.MDB) in ‘zipped’ format. If you have the Work Order option, you also need to send a COPY of your Work Order database (WORKORDR.MDB) in ‘zipped’ format. There is no charge for migration for the first installation. Additional installations will be $100.00 each.
  • All Owners, Properties, Units and Tenants will be migrated
  • Vendors will be migrated
  • Work Orders (if applicable) will be migrated
  • Your company info will be migrated and account set up
  • Tenant balances and rent payments will be migrated
  • Owner balances will NOT be migrated, so pay all owners first
  • Individual transactions will NOT be migrated
  • The check register(s) will NOT be migrated – registers are by PROPERTY only
  • Be sure you have removed any unused rentals (the fee is per rental)

Here is how to find your database files and send them to us. Make a complete BACKUP of your Tenant File before proceeding, however, this won’t affect your current desktop Tenant File:

  • First, email us at to request the database transfer, and wait for a reply. (Skip this if you contacted us already)
  • MAKE SURE you only have ONE company in your Tenant File under Settings > Company Information. Delete any other companies you have set up, you should only have the first one. You must have Email 1 and Phone 1 completed. The email will be your user name.
  • Right-click on your green Tenant File icon on your desktop
  • Choose ‘Open File Location’
  • In the list of files, find the file you are sending (ie. TFDATAFL.MDB). Be SURE it is the large file that ends with MDB, not a tiny 1k file that ends with LDB.
  • Right-click on the file and choose ‘Send to’, then ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’. NOTE: You may have to click on ‘Show more options’ if you don’t see ‘Send to’ right away.
  • Create an email to and attach the ‘zipped’ folder (ie. to the email. Be sure to include your company, contact, email, phone, and other information in the email message.
It will only take a day to set up your account. Your email will be your user name, and the password will be ‘tenantfile’. It will make you change your password once you get into the application.